GreenGold Project
GreenGold Project systematizes the process of fundraising for the development of green projects, using disruptive technologies and techniques, improving all the value chain

Coins Involved:

Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
1 (Gonzalo Araújo C)
Gonzalo Araújo C
Founder, C.E.O
2 (Demo)
Mauricio Villasmil
Founder, VP Marketing
Alba Medina
Co-Founder & Head of Global Investors
Fernando Ortiz
Fernando Ortiz
Management Advisor
Hermann Andres Ballesteros Villamizar
4 (Demo)
Andrés Solózarno
Crypto Advisor
3 (Demo)
Eduardo G. Chapeta
Chief Innovation Officer
4 (Demo)
Diego Lastra
Chief Technology Officer
1 (Gonzalo Araújo C)
Daniel Echauri
SVP Business Operations
2 (Demo)
Henryk Dabrowski
USA Investor Advisor
3 (Demo)
Joel Ruiz
Tax & Accounting Advisor
4 (Demo)
Enrrí González
Senior Evaluator of Agroprojects
Jose Armando Núñez Villasmil
Marketing Consultant
Osvaldo Vasquez

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